Jill loves fabric.

From bold prints and unusual patterns, to more subtle solids, she wants to find the perfect choice for your custom made design.

She has found interesting fabrics from all over the world, from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, to an Indian sari shop in Sydney, the amazing choices found on Arab street in Singapore, to right here in her hometown of Houston.

Jill strives to find the perfect fit for your vision.

Most of her designs are achieved by using delicate chiffon and charmeuse fabrics, as the movement and grace of these particular fabrics lends itself well to her many varied designs, from scarves to kimonos, ponchos and tunics.

Simple lines and unstructured fit help keep the characteristics of these textiles as a compliment to any garment.

Certain specialty fabrics, such as Sari lengths, and other unique finds, chosen by Jill, have the added appeal of a border pattern, which Jill can incorporate into her design at the hem, sleeves, or sides, adding to its one-of-a-kind speciality.

Jill will consult with you for the best fabric solution to enhance your style and preference.